Nunan’s Martial Arts is proud to present the Lone Star Invitational Tang Soo Do Tournament.  The LSI is a fun, safe and fair traditional Tang Soo Do competition open to all Tang Soo Do practitioners.  Year after year the level of competition and fellowship continues to rise!
The LSI is held each year in February in Cedar Park, TX. 2022 is the 14th edition.  It is scheduled for Feb 19, 2022.
14th Annual Lone Star Invitational

Saturday, Feb. 19, 2022

Summit Christian Academy

2121 Cypress Creek Rd, Cedar Park, TX


White through 4th degree Black Belts Competing!

Divisions: Weapons Forms, Empty Hand Forms & Sparring

After two years of not being able to get together like this, the LSI and region 6 kicked off the 2022 tournament season! It was a great day filled with awesome competition and fellowship! Thank you to all the teachers and schools for supporting this event. A HUGE THANK YOU to my NMA crew (you know who you are) who worked tirelessly over the last few weeks and at the tournament to make this event happen!!

Now, set your sights on the State Championships on April 9th in Canyon Lake, TX!

Judges Meeting - 8:00AM
Dans (Black Belts) - 8:30AM
Gups (White - Red Belts) - 1:00PM