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Cedar Park Summer Martial Arts

Nunan’s Martial Arts summer camp is ACTION PACKED! You’ll soon discover we offer the coolest, most exciting summer experience on the planet. Your children will be exposed to a wide variety of martial arts activities which teach self-discipline, respect, confidence, focus and leadership… all in a fun and safe environment.  Your kids will thank you!


  • Action packed, fun and exciting!

  • Focus and structure of the martial arts

  • We are not a "day care" 

  • No contracts

  • Enroll now!

Why send your children to a "day care" when they can learn the life changing benefits of the martial arts?

Our teachers are professionally trained and internationally certified so you can feel comfortable knowing your children are in safe hands.   We love teaching children to achieve!  The more your children enjoy themselves the more they will grow so our teaching methods are packed full of positive reinforcement. 


Our campers do fun activities like these:


  • Martial Arts Training

  • Leadership character building

  • Cooperative indoor and outdoor training

  • Fitness focused field trips

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Strategy games

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