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“My wife, Pennie, and I chose to open our martial art school because there is so much negativity in our society.  We saw a need to create a place of positive reinforcement for our community’s children.” Master Hoke M. Nunan


Nunan’s Martial Arts Mission

We inspire students to become more successful in life by exciting them to reach new heights in the physical, mental and spiritual realms of being.  Through our practice and teaching we improve our student’s self confidence, humility and compassion towards humankind.  In so doing, we will help achieve world peace one person at a time.


Master Nunan inspires his students to constantly strive for self improvement through the study of martial arts.  He focuses on teaching time tested practical self-defense technique.  His classes are action packed with age appropriate material.  Whether you are taking his class or watching it from the sidelines you are going to have a great time!

Modern Approach to Self-Defense

Our modern teaching techniques focus on the nature and structure of conflicts and how we can resolve them peacefully.  Safety is always our greatest concern as we have a genuine interest in our student’s progress  and development.  Our staff is willing to go the extra mile for you.  “Where there is preparation, there is no fear.”


Reaching Goals and Objectives

To help students achieve their goals they will be tested regularly.  Their progress will be assessed by Master Nunan and the other instructors at Nunan’s Martial Arts.


Achieving Black Belt is a multi-year goal.  Along the way there are short-term objectives to advance in skill level.  Students progress through the colors of the belt system from white to black.  Each new level represents one more objective successfully achieved along the path towards the goal of Black Belt.  Advanced students learn leadership skills by assisting their juniors in learning the  material     required for the next test.  Students learn to set goals and become self-motivated to achieve them.  A positive mental attitude evolves.


Courage to Overcome Fear

Courage is the maker of a Champion, and it is a characteristic that only winners possess.  Courage is a measure of your heart, your desire and your inner strength.  Courage will keep you from being intimidated by the prospect of failure.  Fear is a natural part of life and it can drive you to perform better if you have the courage to face it.


​Enthusiasm and Positive Reinforcement

Our instructors set us apart!  Each instructor is internationally certified, energetic and outgoing.  All our instructors participate in continual advanced training in order to upgrade their skills.  They are patient, caring and supportive people who are passionate about teaching the life changing benefits of martial arts and fitness training.  Our instructors have a sincere interest in your self-improvement and in helping you achieve your goals.  Classes are intense workouts and we offer exciting programs for adults, children and families.


Throughout the course of each year we regularly provide educational  clinics, seminars, optional tournaments and various social events, for which, our   students can have opportunities outside the classroom to meet and socialize with others who share their common visions and goals.

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