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Nunan’s Martial Arts Method

We have developed a unique approach to teaching time tested traditional martial arts.  In our school, students are free to study one, two or three martial arts; at no extra charge.  Our schedule is an open concept schedule where students are able to attend as many classes as they want throughout the week, as long as they meet the minimum age and rank requirements.  

Family Martial Arts Classes

Nunan's Martial Arts family program develops self-confidence, A+ self-discipline, and the character and leadership capabilities of each student in a safe and fun family environment.  It is a great way to develop team spirit.


Youth Martial Arts Classes

Nunan's Martial Arts youth martial arts classes provide each student with essential life skills, along with the techniques of Traditional Martial Arts (Tang Soo Do, Judo, Pekiti Tersia Kali, Haidong Gumdo, Jiu Jitsu and a variety of other martial arts) that will increase their discipline, fitness and confidence.


Adult Martial Arts Classes

Nunan's Martial Arts offers well balanced programs for adults that emphasize self esteem, fitness and integrity. We have the best Adult Martial Arts, Self Defense and Fitness programs available.


Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan

A composite Korean style influenced by the northern and souther Chinese arts, and the Okinawan art of Karate.  Tang Soo Do is concerned with the natural evolution of practical and effective self-defense technique.


Kodokan Judo

A modern Japanese martial art and combative sport.  Evolving from the Jujitsu of Samurai, Judo has become known for its grappling and throwing technique.


Pekiti Tersia Kali

An authentic Filipino martial art that employs all edged and impact weaponry, empty handed combat and integrates seamlessly with the use of modern firearms.

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