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Nunan's Martial Arts is the premiere Martial Arts School in Cedar Park and the surrounding area. Our Youth Martial Arts classes provide each student with essential life skills, along with the techniques of Traditional Martial Arts (Tang Soo Do, Judo, Pekiti Tersia Kali, Haidong Gumdo and Jiu Jitsu) that will increase their discipline, fitness and confidence.


Our classes provide children with a safe and positive learning environment. We treat our students with respect and encourage them in a positive manner to attain the goals they strive to achieve.

Inspiring Youth Programs

Being concerned with the well-being and education of our children; we teach our young students success skills to enable them to  excel in school and today’s competitive world.  Students learn confidence, self-discipline and self control as they learn to act and react to the world around them.  We treat our students with respect and teach them how to return the same respect to others.  Our Academic Achievement Program encourages students to maintain high grades, impressing on them the importance of balancing their physical and mental growth.  We believe praise, encouragement and positive reinforcement enables our students to attain the goals they strive to achieve.


Positive Self-Image and Pride

A positive self-image leads to victory.  If you want to achieve Black Belt excellence   or be a Champion Martial Artist, you must hold a positive self-image.  One is not   naturally born with a positive self-image; it must be learned and practiced.  Our     martial arts programs are an excellent way to enhance your pride.  The motivating force of pride will drive you to accomplish your objectives.


Self Discipline and Respect

We teach the importance of respect for one’s self and others.  All students must follow the Student Creed.  Students learn to set goals and become self-motivated to achieve them.  A positive mental attitude evolves.  Our younger students develop self confidence to resist negative peer pressure and the disastrous effects of drugs.


  • Develop A Positive Mental Attitude

  • Learn The Skills Needed To Excel In Life

  • Gain A Healthy Respect For Self And Others

  • Learn Self-Defense, Safety & Awareness Skills

  • Develop Self-Discipline To Achieve In School And Life

  • Increase Body Awareness (Balance, Coordination & Motor Skills)

  • Build The Confidence To Succeed In Any Challenge And Stand Up Against Negative Peer Pressure

  • Students Customize Their Training Experience And Train In One Or More Of The Disciplines We Teach

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